Matthias Botman

June 6, 1926 – April 26, 2012

Matthias (Thijs) Botman of Vancouver and Montreal left us quietly on April 26, 2012 after a struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

He was born in 1926 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. His father had been the captain of a merchant marine ship sailing to South East Asia. In his teenage years he endured the occupation of Holland during WWII. Following the war, he studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and served in the Royal Dutch Navy, where he met his future wife Maria. Together they started a family and immigrated to Montreal during the mid 1950′s to work at Canadair.

A highly regarded engineer, Matthias was a leading specialist in the field of vibrations analysis, particularly with turbine jet engines. He authored many technical papers, spoke at technical conferences and lectured at Sir George Williams University.  He was a member of the Ordre des Ingenieurs du Quebec. During his long and successful career he worked for aerospace firms Canadair, North American Aviation and United Aircraft of Canada/Pratt & Whitney Canada where he served as Chief of Dynamics, retiring in 1992.

He retired to Vancouver where he was able to share his love of sailing with his children and grandchildren.

Matthias is survived by Maria (Puck) Berends – Botman and their children: Elisabeth (Richard Migicovsky; Eric and Anna), Pieter, Richard, Robert (Melissa Weyland; Theodore, Beatrice and  Jasper) and Anne Marie (Al Banner; Kaitlyn).

A private family memorial was held in Vancouver on April 28, 2012.


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1926 0 Born in Haarlem, The Netherlands
1940-1945 14-19 Survives occupation of Holland during WWII
1947-1952 21-25 Studied Aeronautical Engineering at Delft University of Technology
1952-1954 26-28 Served in the Royal Dutch Navy
1954 28 Married Maria Magdalena Berends
Daughter Elisabeth born (first child)
1955 29 Accepts job offer from Canadair in Montreal
Immigrates to Canada
Son Pieter born (second child)
1960 34 Accepts new position at North American Aviation in Columbus Ohio
Son Richard born (third child)
1963 37 Son Robert born (fourth child)
1966 40 Accepts new position at Rochester Applied Science Associates (RASA)
1967 41 Daughter Anne Marie born (fifth child)
1968 42 Accepts new position at United Aircraft of Canada (later Pratt & Whitney Canada) in Montreal
Family resides in Westmount, Quebec (16 years)
1975 49 Family purchases vacation property in North Hero, Vermont
1984 58 Family downsizes from house in Westmount to condo downtown
1992 65 Retires from Pratt & Whitney Canada as Chief of Dynamics (24 years of service)
Moves to Vancouver area
Buys 30 foot sailboat “Boreal”
1994 68 Buys condo in West Point Grey, Vancouver
2007 81 Sells sailboat “Boreal” (15 years of sailing)
2009 83 Moves to South Granville Park Lodge in Vancouver
2012 85 Enjoys full family reunion with complete set of 5 children and 6 grandchildren
Dies comfortably in his sleep with his eldest children nearby


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authored or co-authored by Matthias Botman

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Articles about Matthias Botman

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